The Top 5 17-inch Gaming Laptops

origin-17A big screen makes for the best experience of all MMORPG’s and first-person shooters. Not to mention every other PC game is much more immersive with a 17-inch powerhouse. Below you will discover five of the best ones available, and what makes their fans spin with wildness.

5. MSI GT70 2PC Dominator

This laptop has a multicolor keyboard and a network adapter optimized for online gaming. It also features a subwoofer, making it one of the best sounding laptops on the market.

Additional Features
•Quad Core 2.7 GHz i7•16 GB RAM•Nvidia GeForce GTX 880M•Dual bay storage drives – SSD and SATA•87 Whr battery•6073 PCMark7 Score

4. Origin EON17-SLX (2014)

A lot of storage and a ridiculously fast CPU, this laptop is manufactured by a lesser known company. Boasting near the top test scores in its competition, the Origin EON isn’t perfect, but is absolutely essential to this list.

Additional Features
•Quad Core 3.9 GHz i7•16 GB RAM•Dual Nvidia GeForce GTX 780M•Dual bay storage drives – SSD and SATA•89.2 Whr battery•6446 PCMark7 Score

3. One K73-5N

Also known as the Clevo P170SM-A, although not as popular in the US, it remains one of the most productive (comes with a desktop CPU) and popular in its genre. It’s difficult to find reviews on this laptop, but the research is certainly worth the hassle.

Additional Features
•Quad Core 4.0 Ghz i7•16 – 32 GB RAM•500 GB Samsung 840 EVO HDD•Nvidia GeForce GTX 980M•82 WHr battery•6860 PCMark7 Score

2. Alienware 17 (2014)

This laptop is made by a flagship company, who has been delivering high end gaming laptops for over a decade. Its distinctive presence will impress all. It’s also the most well constructed, and Windows optimized computer in this entire overview. Where others have physical flaws, the Alienware 17 proves to be a premium product.

Additional Features
•Quad Core 2.9 – 4.1 GHz i7•16 GB RAM•Dual bay storage – SSD and SATA•Nvidia GeForce GTX 880M•86 Whr battery•5734 PCMark7 Score
Although the Alienware scores lower than others before it, there is virtually no comparison to its overall quality. This invites the next product, a balance between build and performance.

1. Asus ROG G751JY-DH2X

An absolute wonder, this laptop redefines its category. Where it sacrifices power, it gains brilliant features. Anyone in the market to buy an elite gaming laptop should look no further than the Asus ROG.

Additional Features
•Quad Core 2.4 Ghz i7•32 GB RAM•Dual bay storage – SSD and SATA•Nvidia GeForce GTX 980M•88 Whr battery•6242 PCMark7 Score
When considering strict specifications, the One K-73-5N is a clear cut victor. However, it has many design flaws making the overall experience of gaming somewhat of a hassle. Gamers know that these distractions can lead to difficult problems, and you shouldn’t have to adapt your play-style to anything.

For the best overall experience, a gaming laptop with at least a 6000 PCMark7 score is going to suit most needs. Better build quality though, belongs to manufacturers who have been in the field for a while. There are many blazingly fast laptops out there, but only a few are usable for everything. The Asus ROG and the Alienware 17 happen to be two of the few laptops very capable of gaming and just plain being.

The Future of eSports

esportsIn the modern world we see more and more people playing video games. I, for one, am a huge fan of eSports, and I love to watch it grow so dramatically, as it has recently. In this short article I will discuss different games, the viewer ratings of said games, and also the future of eSports under the public spotlight.

Just a few years ago if you told your parents you wanted to pursue professional gaming, they’d likely take your computer and make you go outside; but now that idea isn’t so crazy. Professional gaming has taken the world by storm. From Counter-Strike to League of Legends to Starcraft, it’s blowing up. Brands such as Cloud9, TSM, Team Liquid, Fnatic, nV, etc. are buying out teams and players to play for them professionally. You don’t even have to be on a winning team; there are many teams that haven’t won a single major, and are still making their passion into a feasible career choice.

According to Riot(League of Legends), the Season 3 World Championship for League of Legends boasted an amazing thirty-two million viewers. Dota 2’s annual tournament, The International 4, received over twenty million viewers. Just recently Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, a game with a relatively small competitive scene, hit over one million concurrent viewers.

Many people doubt that eSports will ever successfully grasp the attention of cable TV channels, or even really make it into the public eye. Valve begs to differ. The International 4 was broadcast live on ESPN; and Call of Duty and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive both made it to the X-Games.

The scenes are blowing up online as well. With what seems like the death of cable TV approaching us, this may actually be better for eSports. We could see eSports mark the dawn of a new age of online entertainment, rather than more traditional televised sporting events.

What is fueling all of this? Young people. The younger generations that grew up on gaming are pushing eSports into the spotlight. Why wouldn’t you want to watch your favorite games be played by the best gamers? Not only can young people watch their favorite gamers, but they can aspire to become someone else’s favorite very easily. This is where I believe most of the appeal is. People who play League of Legends can watch a match live, then join a ranked game and play with other people on their skill level.
So, do I believe we will ever see little league Counter-Strike teams? Probably not, not in the foreseeable future, at least. I do, however, believe that there is room for eSports to grow and really shine in the public eye. ESports are certainly on the rise, and with growing communities of gamers, I think we could certainly see eSports have a place in the mainstream within the next few years.

Cheap Gaming Laptops With an SSD

lenovo-laptop-y50If you’re looking for cheap gaming laptops, then you already know how daunting research can be. There are many combinations that go into making a cheap gaming laptop, and many consumers are left confused or frustrated. Fortunately, this overview will focus on one main ingredient – the solid-state-drive. Each of the computers listed below have good gaming specifications, but what sets them apart from the rest are their speedy hard drives.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 (64GB)

This is a hybrid computer, serving as a laptop and a tablet. It blurs the lines of traditntal gaming by being attractive to a more casual gaming community with its usage of touchscreen capabilities. It can absolutely perform well for PC games too, despite its integrated graphics.

Quick Specs

•Intel Core i3•64 GB SSD•4 GB RAM•9 hour battery
Listed online at $799.99, the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is very nice looking. It can handle numerous tasks with minimal struggle. If you’re someone who likes versatility as well as gaming, this is the best product.

Lenovo Y50 15.6”

This laptop is a steal listed around $1100. Gaming is smooth thanks to its stellar chipsets. Lenovo normally makes cheap college or professional laptops, so this is a great addition to their good reputation.

Quick Specs
•2.6 GHz Intel Core i7•1TB SATA with 8GB SSD cache system•8 GB RAM•Nvidia GeForce 860M Graphics
Although the hard drive is not completely solid-state, the cache works very similarly. Altogether, the components in this Lenovo will bring eye-catching and breathtaking performance.

Chillblast Defiant 2 Mini 13”

This laptop is from a company that not many others are aware of. It’s definitely one of those machines that you cannot judge from its cover. It’s a small computer, but it is highly capable. Sold at €749.17, it is a direct comparison with the Lenovo. What makes it better is the complete solid-state drive.

Quick Specs
•Mobile Intel HM87 Express Chipset•100 GB SSD•8 GB RAM•Nvidia GeForce GTX 860M

A better performer than most costing the same, the Chillblast Defiant is an excellent laptop. Plenty of ports, and a low profile look will keep most customers satisfied. It also features a turbo response keyboard, and cinema-like sound specifically made for gamers.

Dell XPS 13 (2015)

One of the best overall Dell’s made, the XPS 13 is the king of its class. Cheap shouldn’t even be considered part of the products description, but it only costs $899.

Quick Specs
•Intel Core i5•128 GB SSD•4 GB RAM•Intel HD Graphics 5500
With a 704 3DMark Fire Strike score, this XPS 13 will deliver on every aspect. It also boasts an incredible battery life at around 12 hours. The reason Dell was able to achieve such long lasting battery was the removal of the touchscreen, which you can upgrade to. Ultimately, this laptop is the only computer device you will need to handle most games (tests show it running World Of Warcraft at 33 frames-per-second). It is next to impossible to find a cheaper true gaming laptop.

Solid-state drives might not be everything to all consumers, but they do account for the fastest read/write speeds available. With SSD capability, a lower powered CPU can instantly appear up to three times quicker; not to mention how much a faster drive helps every other computer process. If you’re in the market for a cheap or even not so cheap gaming laptop, be sure to buy one with an SSD.

Top Stylish Gaming Laptops 2015

razer-explosionWhether you like a cat or an elephant to sit on your lap, gaming laptops are all powerhouses. Different designs bring something special to the table across all companies offering computers capable playing your favorite games at ridiculous frame-rates. Most people looking for a gaming laptop often think of specifications first, but if you’re going to be looking at the machine for at least a few years – why not invest in one with some style?

This overview takes a glance at gaming laptops with illumination worthy of impressing both friends and rivals. From beautiful screens to customizable color keyboards, these laptops each provide superior performance.

MSI GT80 Titan SLI

•Quad Core 2.6 GHz i7•Mechanical LED keyboard•SSD and SATA Storage Drives•Dual Nvidia GeForce GTX 980M SLI Graphics Cards•16 – 24 GB RAM
Besides the obvious gaming look to this laptop, it’s also very upgradable. The chassis has been specifically made for future proofing this beast. Available at NewEgg.

Razor Blade (2015)

•Quad Core 2.6 GHz i7•Super stylish and ultra portable•256 GB SSD•Nvidia GeForce GTX 970M•16 GB RAM

This particular performer will raise your hairs from its sleek look the same as it will from its eye blasting graphics. Weighing an impressive 4.47 pounds, this gaming conscious laptop stands out as one of the most stylish on the market.

Maingear Pulse 15

•Quad Core 2.5 GHz i7•Excellent portability and sharpness•SSD and SATA Storage Drives•Nvidia GeForce GTX 870M•16 GB RAM
For a rather unknown brand, the Maingear Pulse 15 stacks right up against the Razor Blade. What it offers over its competition is a retina like display and dual storage bays. Reviews for this computer are great in every category but battery life, which has been a problem for all three of the reviewed laptops so far.
Except this next one…

Asus ROG G751JY-DH71

•Quad Core 2.5 GHz i7•Extremely streamlined looking•SSD and SATA Storage Drives•Nvidia GeForce GTX 980M•24 GB RAM
Boasting similar performance as the MSI on this list, this Asus machine is also incredibly stylish. It’s the most well rounded in this entire overview as well as having the best battery life. Since these are all laptops, battery life is very important – the Asus ROG outperforms the next closest by about an hour. That could be all the time it takes to finish your last raid! Available now on Amazon.

Many laptops could fit into a gaming capable list, but this one focuses more on which laptops deliver next level design forms. There are many more gaming laptop guides available at different price ranges to suit potential buyers. If leg comfort is of no concern; any new Alienware will exceed your expectations. However, those of you looking for a certain edge to your experience, consider any of the above – as long as you have around 2 grand (or more) to spend.

Building a Desktop vs Buying Prebuilt Machine

Desktop computers are not as popular as they were a decade ago but they still serve a purpose for most businesses and consumers. When most people purchase a commercial desktop PC they have hardware components that have already been assembled by manufacturers. The units can be taken out of the box and used within a matter of moments.

However, some people prefer to assemble their own PC units from scratch. While building a PC from scratch might be difficult or seem impractical for most people; there are some individuals that prefer to use custom made computers over the commercial variety. Building a desktop vs buying prebuilt machine is a dilemma that many consumers face when they want to purchase a computer system.

Commercial Desktop Models

Commercial machines are usually purchased by most consumers. Once again, these models are easy to put together and require little knowledge to maintain. While commercial models are relatively easy to set up and operate they have some serious restrictions when compared to customized systems.

Commercial models are designed for general activities such as surfing the web, running programs, watching videos and playing standard PC games; they have not been manufactured for high-end performance. People who want to compete in gaming competitions or tournaments or use their machines to create sophisticated programs probably should not purchase a commercial PC.

Building a Machine

People who build their own machines have the advantage of owning a computer system that operates with speed, power and efficiency. These three elements are crucial for gamers or for people who make their own movies and who write code. Customized machines can have interchangeable tailor-made parts, specially designed cooling systems and unique features for controlling various aspects of the system. Customized machines are usually priced higher than the commercial variety but they are usually well worth the expense.

Updating Systems

Computer systems constantly depreciate in price simply because a newer model is released every few months. This means that most commercial systems will become obsolete within a year. The average consumer probably will not upgrade their systems by increasing the unit’s specs. Instead, they will usually get rid of an old model and purchase a newer model.

Most customized systems typically have higher specs and tend to hold their value over time. Since this is the case, a well built customized system could actually retain their value for at least a couple of years or more. People who have a customized system can usually resell their units at or near the same purchase price.

Technical Support

Commercial computer companies typically have large support personal that help consumers with problems when their systems fail. Custom built machines typically do not have this type of support in place. Consumers who opt for a custom built machine will have to make sure that they understand how their systems are designed and make sure that they have access to parts manufacturers.

Commercial systems are great for the average computer user and customized units are still preferred by serious gamers and engineers. Once again, people might wonder which type is better; building a desktop vs buying prebuilt machine and they will have decide for themselves based on their needs and personal preferences.

Best Custom Gaming Desktop Brands

Custom made PCs are important for people who are serious about their gaming activity. Many people play video games just for fun or to relieve boredom. However, a few brave souls battle for rewards and status in video game competitions. Every good gamer knows that they will need a high performance system to play at their best. The following information will list the best custom gaming desktops brands that are available on the market.

iBuypower is a computer company that specializes in building gaming PCs. This business sells their own signature desktop models and they also create personalized systems from scratch. iBuyPower’s uniquely designed units are prototypes that people can use to manufacturer their own units. Desktop models such as the HEXA and Chimera 4SE are some of the highest rated gaming systems available for sale. The HEXA unit is a PC system that is small but extremely powerful. It has a portable design and can be transported to almost any place that a gamer needs to compete. The basic HEXA units has an AMD A8 5557M Quad Core CPU, AMD Radeon R9 M275X Graphics card, 16GB DDR-1600 RAM and 128 mSAA SSD + 1TB HD. While this unit is made to work with a monitor, the model can be attached to most modern TVs making a monitor unecessary for use. Windows 8.1 OS comes preloaded on the system and it has Bluetooth capabilities as well. The computer technicians at iBuypower will design a model that is similar to the HEXA PC for customers.
The Chimera 4SE is one of the most feared gaming systems in the world. When serious gamers compete with this unit it literally strikes fear into their opponents. The reason why a system such as this is dreaded by the competition is because of its lightening fast speed and its massive strength. Gaming systems that are designed like the Chimera will have at least an Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB DDR3 RAM, 2 TG SATA-III HD and a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 2GE Graphics Card. One of the best things about the Chimera is the fact that it is liquid cooled. Fans are not an option for this model and consumers can build one that is similar to its design.

Origin PC

Sometimes a gaming system can be considered a high performance machine because of its casing. The Genesis is a tower PC from Origin that has a unique case which allows users to pack in so much technology and features that they cannot help but to have a high quality machine at their disposal. Genesis units typically contains an Intel i7, 64 GB DDR3 Memory and up to 34 separate HD for storage space. This unit is such a powerful performer that it has its own button controlled cooling system and different ports and slots for expanding storage or changing memory and/or RAM. Origin will definitely design a desktop PC for consumers that is similar to this model.

Digital Storm

The Aventum II is a highly rated PC that cannot be ignored or forgotten. This desktop unit houses a liquid and fan cooled system that resembles an engine. It has 17 fans that are used to blow hot air from the system through a rear exhaust port. The Aventum II is so sophisticated that it has polished nickel plated parts which are manufactured from hand. People can even have this model painted in a variety of different vibrant or conservative colors. Digital Storm designs most of the hardware by hand and will fashion a system according to a customer’s personal style. Digital Storm systems cost about as much as a used car but their performance and style make them worth the price.

CyberPower PC

The engineers at CyberPowerPC are experts that construct desktop computer models based off some of their signature systems. For example, the Deluge is a high-end performance system that has been created from scratch by Puget. The machine design for this particular prototype can be altered to fit the specific needs of each client. CyberPowerPC has a variety of different parts that can be used for the components of each PC they build.
Other computer manufacturing businesses such as Alienware and Maingear Shift are also some of the best custom gaming desktop brands. Gamers can configure their own dream machines with the help of most computer engineers from these organizations.

A Look At The Top PVP Games of 2014

GW2-2_tWant to check out the top PVP games 2014? The landscape in PC gaming is changing in 2014. There are now games in their early access stage that you can help develop. Also we are going to see some big budget MMO’s, competitive titles with fan communities, and charming indies.

Let’s look at some of the top PVP games 2014:

Broken Age

This was a success from the start. This is a Double Fine hand painted 2D point and click adventure. This is the tale of two teenagers who want to change traditions in their lives. One wants to kill a women eating monster, the other wants adventure away from the spaceship he’s been isolated on. The writing is clever and the graphics are beautiful.

Origins of Malu

This sandbox fantasy was developed by Burning Dog Media. It is going to deliver a dynamic world with a classless system. Players will control certain open areas and interfere with the world. One of the top priorities will be action. Some of the upcoming battle options will be duels between PvP and permadeath.

War Thunder

This is a MMORP game from Gaijjn Entertainment and set during the Second World War. You can acquire historical military planes, ships and tanks. Fighting will be done on past locations for glory. Large scale battles will be launched even though there is a front line campaign going on at the same time. Stunning graphics are displayed in this game.


This is action packed role-playing from Bungie and Activision. Setting is in the future where Earth has been reduced to ashes. One city remains and it is protected by an energy sphere. You will be able to investigate the reason for humanity’s downfall. There is also an adventure into the unknown Milky Way. Destiny is truly a top game with it’s extraordinary narrative and hybrid combat system.


Otherland is a futuristic MMORPG from RealU and Gamigo. The is based on Tad Williams book series and is set in a world where players shape the continuation of the story.


Revolutionary fantasy by XLGames and designated “sandpark” due to its combinations of traditional sandbox features with simulation. Players create almost everything; their class, their houses, castles, story and path. Players will be traveling and living as they create farming structures in a strange way.

Black Desert

Sandbox fantasy MMORPG from Pearl Abyss. Black Desert introduces a new level of realism. An advanced parkou system allows players to run up walls, jump over terraces, the whole time weather climates affect player’s abilities. There is housing, raiding, trading, cattle siege and lots of action.

The Repopulation

Introduction of fresh features and a complete sandbox experience. Build skills and engage in random encounters. You will create cities and fight with vehicles. The action mode will depend on the player’s skill.

Gloria Victis

This is a medieval MMORPG from Black Eye. Players will take on role of true knights. They will fight for glory, reputation and victory. Combat systems include; feints, blocks and many more which will allow players to develop their own style. Realistic weather and climate system affect players as well.

These are just the tip of what the gaming world has to offer, and not even all top pvp games 2014. You will have many exciting adventures to explore this year.

Best Video Cards For Your Gaming Desktop

graphic-card-tableComputer gamers are a singular breed. They can be very driven and passionate about the games they play. They will sometimes go to great lengths to make sure that they can compete with their friends. To this end, most computer games are also computer tech wizards, designing and building high end desktops that can play the games they want to play and do it well.

One of the most important components of any good gaming desktop is the video card. For lack of a better way to put it, if your graphics card can’t keep up with the game, you may as well find something else to do. The best you can hope for is torturous lag, and the worst that could happen is that the game won’t work at all.

There are a lot of good video cards out there. They range in price from moderately expensive to a lot more so. But don’t feel left out if you can’t afford to pay a lot of money for your next video card. There are some excellent cards available from top manufacturers at prices that should leave everyone breathing a bit easier. It used to be that you could expect to shell out close to a thousand bucks for a top end video card. That isn’t so true anymore.
When it comes to video cards two big names seem to keep popping up. That trend will continue through 2014. Most of the best cards available come from either Radeon or NVidia, both well known names to gamers. You can pick up Radeon’s Sapphire 7970 OC or you can grab NVidia’s GeForce GTX770 for just under five hundred dollars. These two cards are pretty evenly matched when it comes to overall performance, and can play just about any game out there.

If you think five hundred dollars is a bit out of your price range, fear not. You can still get a pretty decent video card for around three hundred dollars. When NVidia introduced its new cards for 2013, they did so at a considerably lower price than what the market might have expected. The result was, the prices of just about every video card have been lowered so that the companies could still make some money on them. These lowered prices don’t mean these cards are of poorer quality, they mean you can save a bundle and still get a good card. Try to grab the NVidia 660 TI or the Radeon 7950 HD. Very nice cards and priced most everywhere at under four hundred dollars.

Buying a good video card for a gaming desktop isn’t just about what you can afford. It’s about the card that works best for your machine, and is suited to the games you play. The only way to answer that question is to ask around. You know what kind of games you like, and it’s a safe bet no one knows your system better than you do. You can find a decent video card for your gaming desktop, and you won’t have to break the bank to do it.

E-sports News October- LoL Tournament Sweeps Seoul

lolSaying “E-Sports” might sound pretty misleading since none of the players are moving at all, and they aren’t sport related. They do, however, have all the things that make sports awesome: comebacks, uniforms, suspense, comebacks, upsets, and superstars- so let’s check in with what’s going on with E-Sports news this October.

For serious gamers interested in the online gaming scene; easily the most popular online game nowadays is League of Legends. This completely free game has begun to sweep the world scene; with an estimated 40,000 fans expected to attend the tournament in Seoul; which is taking place in a stadium built for soccer’s World Cup. Over 32 million people around the world watched the last South Korean team win the competition; along with a total grand prize of $1 million in the Staples Center in Los Angeles, which is more people watching than in the last game of the N.B.A. finals in that same year.

This recently developing e-sport has exploded since 2009; and it’s likely if you’re not a male between the ages of 15-25 you probably don’t know what LoL is, since 90 percent of the players fall into this demographic. And with ticket prices varying between $15 and $50 a ticket, worldwide tournaments, slick broadcasting options for internet video sites, complete with commentators and highlight reels like ESPN for gamers, and even paid players on salary, paid to guarantee that they can play at least 14 hours a day for practice, and over eight times the amount of active players as it’s nearest competitor; you’d think the game designers would be raking in money. The game, however is free to play, and can be downloaded from the internet and you don’t even have to buy ridiculous to obtain power-ups to keep being competitive, in fact you never even have to pay a nickle; with the designers mantra that revenue is second to player experience. It is also a very deep and intrinsic game; players have to memorize all 120 champion abilities to stay competitive; engaging players into the world to require people to constantly evolve with the game.

In Seoul, people take their game-play on League of Legends very seriously. Couples going to these clubs is becoming as mainstream as couples going to the movies, and time and time again; some people even have stalkers that follow them around taking pictures and blushing.

In the World Championship that took , the clear favorite this year was Samsung White; a five man team of Koreans attempting to bag the $1 million dollar prize. South Korea has long been leading the charge with E-sports, making pro gaming more and more viable; and many other countries are trying to catch up to Korea’s success.

It’s a cut-throat world, though. Samsung White received a lot of flack in the tournament for not dominating enough; losing one of four games to North American team, Team SoloMid, even though they dominated the runners-up Star Horn Royal Club. Many people at internet cafes in Seoul watch these games religiously; following characters and theorizing strategies. This makes LoL a huge moneymaker in Seoul, which happened as a result to the Asian financial crises in 2000; when the South Korean government focused on telecommunications and internet infrastructure to help create a sort of “sports neighborhood” where gamers could test their skills. It became mainstream because televisions began to broadcast games and showcasing talent. In fact, large throngs of South Koreans pack into small cafes called PC bang; and it’s become a huge part of culture in South Korea, as well as all over the world. It really goes a long way to unify people, via killing each others’ pixels.

It’s not all fun and games; however. Prominent players must practice relentlessly, spending all their days in front of a screen. South Korean dedication and cut-throat tactics have even brought teams from North America and Europe to South Korea, to try and emulate the group living and training approaches and often they fail to emulate the effects. There have been reports of a gamer dying of exhaustion in a PC bang for playing without rest for days. South Korean government officials are also trying to help push through various numbers of initiatives to encourage institutions to treat e-sports like real sports; also the immense pressure from the country’s fan base is pushing players to retire- like 20 year old Samsung White team leader Cho Se-hyoung, based on recent E-Sports news (October).

Afterwords, when asked how he viewed himself, he replied, “I’m a sports player.”